Dont Wait


    DON’T WAIT       Why do we continuously wait for things to happen?   Why do we hold ourselves due to uncertain things?   We all love to work hard and achieve good results in life. We put in a lot of effort in the tasks we perform every day. We avoid a lot of things too while working diligently to achieve. Then why do we wait to publish our work?   […]

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Extraordinary situations


    EXTRAORDINARY SITUATIONS     Eagerly waiting for the best time to complete a task?   Uncertainty about extraordinary situations makes you lose out on normal situations?   Ever wondered why we only wait for extraordinary circumstances?   Often we are stuck in situations where our heart wants to grab hold of the situation right away but our mind makes us hold on.  We are always trapped in a dilemma of doing the task […]

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    TIMEZONES     Do you get frustrated seeing how others are flourishing while you have not even started?   How everything people do becomes successful whereas success never comes for you in the first go?   Comparing  yourself with others makes you feel worse?   In our life, we come across people who get successful each time they try something new. It seems as if these people have been given a Shortcut to […]

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    PATIENCE     Unable to sit idle for 5 minutes?   Unable to read a book due to your impatience?   Unable to complete 1 assignment properly and keep hoping to jump to the next assignment?   We are an impatient breed of humans. I think anyone and everyone up till the age of 60 is very impatient. Sitting idle for us is like a disease that we run hurriedly from.   When […]

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first chance


  FIRST CHANCE     Missed your first chance and since then unable to crack the opportunities?   Does it take more effort second time round?   Every other attempt becomes exponentially more difficult?   We are in a very competitive world. In this world we can’t do less and we can’t do nothing. Because everyone has got something or the other to do, completing any task in the first chance we get is very […]

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  PROCRASTINATION     Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing important tasks.   Procrastination happens when the thing that needs urgent attention but is less pleasurable is done after a more pleasurably less important task.   In simple words procrastination is an action which starts with understanding or being told that some work is important to continuously delaying it to a later date or time.   Some excuses that we make to ourselves […]

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How to Stop Time from Running

How to stop time from running

HOW TO STOP TIME FROM RUNNING     Wow! That one hour passed so quickly . I really hope time slows down and I can enjoy this moment more.   Ohh No!! Im stuck here. Sitting Idle and no work to do. It seems as if time has stopped.Hope it could run faster.   We are always in such situations with time. We have no control over time. How time passes by is difficult to […]

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