THOUGHTS     What are your thoughts on this matter?   I suddenly had a thought. I forgot what I was thinking about.   I never gave it a thought. I made a mistake, I should have thought clearly.   I have thought clearly and I am ready to take action.   Our thoughts are the sparks that occur inside our mind. Our thoughts bring forward different ideas, reasonings, doubts and sometimes our worst fears. […]

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ATTENTION     Unable to give your attention to 1 work at a time?   Things around you keep stealing your attention away?   Even a spinning fan becomes more interesting than the task in hand?   Constantly losing attention and frequently fighting to get it back has become our hobby. After trying a couple of times to keep our attention strong, we just leave the task alone. We move on. Once we move on […]

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Leaving the Past


Leaving the Past       Haven’t been able to adjust yourself in the present because of your past?   Do you spend majority of your day lamenting about the past?   Leaving the past and moving ahead is certainly a difficult task. It is tougher for those who have suffered through difficult circumstances during the past but it still doesn’t mean that we cling on to our past.   Some people keep hold of […]

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    OVERTHINKING?       Do you keep overthinking about the future?   Have you already planned about what you are going to say or do in the future?   We think a lot about the future. We love planning things in advance, actually years before we can call it advance. We make complex plans of trips we want to take in the future, we even plan the clothes we will wear during the trip. […]

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