Work life balance


    Work Life Balance Blog By Sushant Kumar     A father agitated for not being able to give time to his kids after rigorous office hours, a husband on the verge of getting divorced just because he is unable to cope up with his work and his personal life.   This seems to […]

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    Emotions-A teacher for Life Blog by Sushant Kumar     Being happy when something joyful happens, crying when low, grief when loosing something or someone special, pride when a milestone is achieved these are few traits of emotions. Dominance of one of the traits defines our persona over a period of time. Life without different […]

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Ethics and Morality


                                              Ethics And Morale Blog By Sushant Kumar     Ever thought deeply about this motivational sentence-NEVER GIVEUP. It is a ray of hope when conditions are not favorable; when you are down to a level where nothing seems to be working the right way for you there comes in mind this motivational line.   […]

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