CONNECTIVITY Blog by Deepshikha Seymour   I was at odds with myself when I was thinking about this topic. Sure the internet is a boon; some may consider it the best thing that happened to man. And I do agree with it. For instance right now you’re able to read this post from your office, home or sitting in a restaurant. You’re probably thousands of kilometers away but you can read what I’ve written […]

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Problems   Who said life is free of problems?   Who said problems get solved easily?   In life we face several hurdles. Some of these hurdles come easy on us, some come hard on us. Some hurdles when they go away motivate us and some leave a heavy dent on us. Problems are hurdles of life.   Problems, just like hurdles keep coming at us. If we think that once a problem goes away […]

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Motivational Side of Caring

Motivational side of Caring

The Motivational side of Caring     Caring means displaying kindness and concern for others. Caring is the act of always being on the lookout for what can cause others pain and removing that threat before they can get hurt.   Caring is a human feeling that gets generated in us for everyone who are around us. It gets automatically developed in everyone even if we show it or not. Some might even try avoiding […]

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Fire In Your Soul

FIRE IN YOUR SOUL     How many times do we end up doing something which we don’t desire, which doesn’t interest , inspire , motivate and satisfy us? I would say it happens several times. Fire In your soul is the energy coming from inside which drives you to achieve.   We continuously run away from such tasks in life . We hop from one task to the other just in search of that […]

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