CONNECTIVITY Blog by Deepshikha Seymour   I was at odds with myself when I was thinking about this topic. Sure the internet is a boon; some may consider it the best thing that happened to man. And I do agree with it. For instance right now you’re able to read this post from your […]

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  Competition Blog by Deepshikha Seymour     What does the word remind you of? College competition, singing competition, dance competition; something like that? Perhaps spending those countless lessons in extra-curricular activities will always remain the highlight of our school years.   Competitions are held in order to showcase one’s talents and abilities to the […]

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Value yourself


Value Yourself Blog By Deepshikha Seymour     To love and to be loved is perhaps the most essential and basic human emotion that we crave.   A newborn child seeks comfort in his mother’s arms, an older sibling protects the younger one from bullies in the neighborhood, young adults wish to have someone in […]

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Un-forgiveness by Deepshikha Seymour   We all go through life experiencing things that hurt or even traumatize us. They are like a scar in our memory. The more we revisit it, the more we don’t allow ourselves to heal and the deeper the wound becomes, the greater the scar it’ll leave.   Betrayed in friendship, […]

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