Work life balance




Work Life Balance

Blog By Sushant Kumar



A father agitated for not being able to give time to his kids after rigorous office hours, a husband on the verge of getting divorced just because he is unable to cope up with his work and his personal life.


This seems to be a common problem with every working well settled individual, however I am not here to put a generalized statement as I believe life is much beyond this work-life balance thing.


Sitting on a revolving chair with subordinates around, ready to grab every word said by an individual, latest gadgets to support one’s success story, I believe that’s an ideal reel life for any one. However thing may differ in real life.


I believe whatever one do or thing prioritization is important to achieve one’s milestone. If we don’t understand what we actually wish for we won’t be able to achieve it. As it’s a well-known fact that only day dreaming will not suffice the purpose.



“Never get so busy

Making a living,

that you forget to 

make a life.”



An Individual doing wonders at professional front may not have that level of success at home. So the question arises- How to determine when and what is important in life? How to analyse the criticality of sudden situations as-when it’s time for family and when it’s only work? I feel time management plays a key role here, finishing one’s work in time and giving ample amount of attention to one’s family that’s what makes a successful individual.


A person brilliant at work may not be a wonderful son, husband or a father,it is all about “Reason for Existence”. In this fast moving world one has to understand the value of family, work & friends. One has to have a cordial relation between different important entities of life. It is a famous saying “TO BE AT THE TOP, YOU GOT TO BE ALONE”. It gives us an important message in life that we have to sacrifice on our personal front to achieve something big, really big professionally.


However it is a hypothetical statement, as we might have seen many people doing wonders at work as well as having a gala time with loved ones. So what’s their magic Mantra, it is about prioritizing one’s work and life and to understand what is important at which point of time.


Support of loved ones is also significant to balance this fragile WORK-LIFE thing. Having an understanding partner is a blessing if one really wish to have peace at both ends else the end results could be devastating. I also believe an individual could make efforts to work things the ideal way. At times bringing smiles to face of one you adore is not that difficult, a small gesture of “I CARE FOR YOU WILL MEAN A LOT TO THEM”.


We do seek respect at our work place and we wish to be considered as someone who is loyal and trustworthy. Same applies at home as well, a person must be valued enough at work as well as at home. It’s all about “THE TRUST”, I apologize for making it a proper noun but I believe it’s some which is rare. People do understand everything but don’t trust enough.


All I feel is one must be happy with whatever role one has to perform at work or at home. If the inner satisfaction is not there no matter how longer the tenure is one will end up looking at other means of being happy eternally.


So to establish a perfect work life balance, prioritize one’s goals; be ethical; understand what one’s heart says; don’t go with what people would say as it is completely your life and you are sole responsible for the creativity of it.


So create a wonderful life with people who actually care for you, feel for you rather than thinking about the past deeds. The character of a human is decided with one’s action at present, as past is gone and future is something one can’t predict.


So if one wishes to have a perfect work-life balance then think about bringing smiles with small gestures for people who actually cares for you. Those people are priceless who adores you and respects you.


A person with ease from within could do wonders at work, but a person splendid with worksheets cannot be a good father, son or husband. So it is all about being human with ethics and loyalty to the one who really adores you. Be it your work or your loved ones.


Blog By Sushant Kumar