Blog by Deepshikha Seymour


I was at odds with myself when I was thinking about this topic. Sure the internet is a boon; some may consider it the best thing that happened to man. And I do agree with it. For instance right now you’re able to read this post from your office, home or sitting in a restaurant. You’re probably thousands of kilometers away but you can read what I’ve written because despite the distance we’re “connected” through the World Wide Web.


Internet has transcended the barriers of geographical proximity. How easy it has become to stay connected with our relatives overseas or with our friends scattered across the country. No longer do we need to write letters (which I still find pretty cool) and wait for its departure and arrival but we can instantly do a video call or send an Instant message or shoot an e-mail. How easy it has become to “stay in touch” in this modern era.


Yet it pains me to see people always buried with their heads in their smartphones. It’s a good thing to stay connected and it’s good to stay informed. But with the advent of technology we can be connected to a person who’s far away yet be disconnected with the person sitting next to us.


Think about it, how often it has happened with us that while we’re hanging out with our friends, our minds are constantly thinking about the update we made in the morning and wondering how many “likes” did we get? Someone’s talking, maybe sharing something important with us and we’re distracted because we’re IM-ing simultaneously.


I’ll be honest here and say that I used to be like that, constantly riled up about making my fun times social and counting likes. But then one day I read this quote:


“Life is what happens to you while you’re looking at your smartphone”.


This made me think hard about what am I actually trying to with this gift of connectivity? Am I looking to impress others? Am I seeking attention from a bunch of people on my “friend list” with whom I hardly speak a word? Is getting attention on social becoming dearer to me than the company of my friends? Isn’t it enough to give my time to a bunch of people I absolutely adore without having to post about it every single time we hang out?


In your free time why not take a moment to just enjoy the breeze. See how it makes the leaves sway gently and makes the branches dance. Notice how the dry leaves rustle next to you on the side walk. Talk to the little kid serving chai at the tea stall near your office.


Admire the beauty of a wild flower growing on a boundary wall. Enjoy the skinny pups playing in the alleys. Hear the birds sing rather than constantly being chained to your headphones. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to not find something beautiful around to admire. You’ll find it if you’re looking. But not if you’re busy looking at your screens.


You could be envious of the photographer who uploads breathtakingly beautiful pictures on his social media, while missing out on a beautiful sunset in the city. Stop being so plugged in to the virtual world that you miss out the beauty and excitement of the real world. It may be a little hard but it’s do-able.


Blog by Deepshikha Seymour