Emotions-A teacher for Life

Blog by Sushant Kumar



Being happy when something joyful happens, crying when low, grief when loosing something or someone special, pride when a milestone is achieved these are few traits of emotions. Dominance of one of the traits defines our persona over a period of time.

Life without different traits of emotions will not be a life at all, as we are humans not Machines. Our priority of emotional attachment changes as we grow up.


As a kid the toys gifted by our parents and loved ones were a priced possession for us, with time we meet different people, some whom we like end up being our friends and others just acquaintances. It is the beauty of emotions that two unknown souls end up being together for lifetime when that feeling of love and commitment is there. On the other hand if the emotions are not mutual it may end up being a disaster.


So what’s important, I believe it is the intent- “reason of existence” that makes any relationship worthwhile.
Emotions are the best teachers as well, for instance a person does everything for someone he/she feels for however at the end if mutual intent is not there then that will lead to nowhere. So it’s very important to understand for whom and till what extent we feel.


“Your Intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.”

-Roger Ebert


In this ultra paced world where people are too much into earning luxurious life for themselves, they feel emotions and loyalty have lost their values. However it’s the magic of emotional connection only that a friend whom you have not spoken to since long still understands you much better than many newbie.


We must invest our emotions wisely as said “Make sure what you are fighting for is worth the battle”. Investing pure emotions with those who won’t value it is disrespect to one of the most beautiful feeling.


Be it hatred or be it love has to have a validated platform; else it will leave a person in remorse and repentance. Emotions in any form, be it love for your parents, your partner, friends is something very pure and divine. If you get someone who reciprocates your love with love, loyalty with loyalty and honesty with utter honesty one must consider him/herself lucky enough.


If not then you will have a lesson, a lesson full of scars and wounds never to be healed. So invest your emotions only to those who deserves it and it’s not the time parameter which is the deciding factor. At times few moments spent with someone makes that person worth lifetime, on the other hand there are instances where even after being together for years, people do not have that ease and comfort.


Life is such a beautiful journey with new events every day, so invest your emotions with those who actually deserve to be a part of your life else one may end up getting scars for lifetime.


Blog by Sushant Kumar