giving up




Blog by Karan Dave



I was once the hardcore believer of the phrase ‘never give up‘, but not anymore.


One of the lessons I learned while evolving alone was to question the fight I was fighting. Sure, we were taught by our parents and school teachers to ‘always keep fighting’, we never questioned them because such an attitude was injected by the authorities.


For example right now there are a lot of inspirational videos on hard work and fight back, I am going to challenge all those. Not based out of a pessimism or nihilism but purely based on the practicality of real life.


We are always taught never to give up but never taught to question the fight. But pause! Take your time, look around, and ask yourself… is it really worth giving all in? I really fancy the idea to quit the chase because somewhere in middle I figure out it is not worth. No matter how sportsperson sold you the ‘victory’ capsule, I urge you to define your own victory, for yourself.


If you are fighting to reach the destination, remember that destination does not always mean victory. I find victory in giving up on journey that is not worth. Take for example hanging on with a person with whom you do not feel love.


I have known couples making love on the bed and sleeping under the same roof as strangers. Such a journey is worth giving up. If you do not wake up with the zeal to perform your best in the job where you spend almost half of the day, just quit because that fight isn’t worth fighting.



“There is a difference

Between giving up

And knowing when you

Have had enough.”



If you feel you are being sidelined in a group of friends but just hang out with them purely out of your fear of being alone, step aside my friend for there is no meaning in being around with the people who don’t care about your existence.


There will be plenty of instances in life which will suck the soul and blood out of you and you will keep on surrendering to the situations just to act brave for yourself. I would say question the fight. Ask yourself if it is really going to matter in the end?


I firmly believe that sometimes the bravery lies in giving up because it takes a lot of emotional guilt to gulp down the feeling of ‘giving up’. And no coward can gulp down the guilt like a shot of tequila! Giving up is not easy because you may fall in your eyes, may be humiliation from the peers and others who will look down on you, thinking that you are a coward. But cowards are those who fear quitting the fight not worth fighting for because the brave is the one who takes a bold step against the high tides of conventions.



“You Win some and

You Lose some but

You live to fight

Another day.”



It is high time we learn to reciprocate rather than merely following the conventions. Not by taking a bold step ahead but by stepping aside from the destination that won’t matter in the long run. Don’t chase things purely because you are told to do so. Like for example chasing cars, a mansion, fancy vacations, and plenty of other objects of pleasure.


I would urge each one of you reading this to take a bold step in choosing the right fight to put down all your chips. If you want to fight, fight for justice. Fight for inequality, never give up on the fight against the one who suppresses you.


Those are the real fights in life. These are the things that you should never give up! And if you are feeling heaviness beneath your skin all the time, it is right time to take the bold step aside – analyze and ask the question. Pick the right fight for you and never give up on that.


Blog by Karan Dave