My Unemployed days


  My Unemployed Days Blog By Sreyashi Kochhar   I had been in corporate circuit for 14 years and have enjoyed my stint there in every aspect. I have always enjoyed my work and the good and the bad aspects of the corporate ladder. With my husband’s move to Jeddah last year in Jun 2016 and me joining him in Mar 2017, it left me searching my next assignment. I think I just need some […]

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Work life balance


    Work Life Balance Blog By Sushant Kumar     A father agitated for not being able to give time to his kids after rigorous office hours, a husband on the verge of getting divorced just because he is unable to cope up with his work and his personal life.   This seems to be a common problem with every working well settled individual, however I am not here to put a generalized statement […]

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  CONNECTIVITY Blog by Deepshikha Seymour   I was at odds with myself when I was thinking about this topic. Sure the internet is a boon; some may consider it the best thing that happened to man. And I do agree with it. For instance right now you’re able to read this post from your office, home or sitting in a restaurant. You’re probably thousands of kilometers away but you can read what I’ve written […]

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    Emotions-A teacher for Life Blog by Sushant Kumar     Being happy when something joyful happens, crying when low, grief when loosing something or someone special, pride when a milestone is achieved these are few traits of emotions. Dominance of one of the traits defines our persona over a period of time. Life without different traits of emotions will not be a life at all, as we are humans not Machines. Our priority of emotional […]

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giving up


  GIVING UP Blog by Karan Dave     I was once the hardcore believer of the phrase ‘never give up‘, but not anymore.   One of the lessons I learned while evolving alone was to question the fight I was fighting. Sure, we were taught by our parents and school teachers to ‘always keep fighting’, we never questioned them because such an attitude was injected by the authorities.   For example right now there […]

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The Unconceived Notion


    THE UNCONCEIVED NOTION By Sreyashi Kochhar     It happened in my last flight to India. I must mention that I stay in the Middle East along with my husband. In my last solo flight to India, I had a mid-aged man sitting next to me on the window seat. I was on the aisle seat. I always try to exchange pleasantries with my co passenger. It just makes the next 5.5 hours […]

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