Consistent Approach







Why do we keep losing inspiration in things we love?


Are consistent small steps better than inconsistent big steps towards our aim?


There are a lot of things in the world which we are out to achieve. Everyone has a dream in their mind, an aim in their sight. Because humans differ from each other, the approach to achieve their aim is different.


Some prefer waiting for the last day and slogging the entire night to achieve their targets. Some prefer covering the distance between their current location and their dream step by step every day.


Few people who do not know which approach they should take raise the question, if they are better at being inconsistent and taking huge leaps in the end or taking small steps consistently. Regardless of the facts, both approaches take you to the target but differ on the basis of human capabilities.



“To be called Inconsistent,

you have to be

consistently inconsistent,

making you consistent.”



People who are capable of taking huge leaps inconsistently right before the deadline day are able to hold their inspiration within themselves. They can convert the energy they were spending on one task to another when they switch and do not require outside inspiration.


These people do not panic when they see a mountain of work and deadline closing by but get irritated when they see something monotonous has become a part of their daily schedule. These people do not believe in slow and steady methodology but just get the work done. Regardless of how they enjoy working inconsistently, they are always inconsistently consistent.


People who are capable of consistently taking small steps everyday panic when they see 1 work surmounting other and the deadline day closing by. In all their panic they ensure that all the tasks that are un-surmountable during the deadline day they do regularly. They also fail to gather inspiration when they do a task after a long time which then makes them fail in achieving the target.


They believe in their own daily rituals and fear any add-hoc activities to lose the rhythm. These people who believe in consistency, take daily small steps to ensure that whatever inspired them to achieve and complete the tasks stays inside them and with that they diligently walk towards their goals. They are always well equipped with whatever problems they might experience as handling problems towards the end of the deadline is not their cup of tea.


Understanding where our potential lies is a must. Once we understand what we can deliver and in what circumstances, we can then plan to challenge ourselves.


Decision about how capable you are and in which category you lie in, should not be done just by choosing, but rather by experimenting with yourself and seeing how well you can perform and in what circumstances.


It has been proven that both approaches have delivered good results for all. Understand that choosing incorrectly will lead to you losing out on your project,  test both approaches on small tasks.


Once you know what is best for you make it your primary approach towards life and tasks that you encounter throughout life.