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What does the word remind you of? College competition, singing competition, dance competition; something like that? Perhaps spending those countless lessons in extra-curricular activities will always remain the highlight of our school years.


Competitions are held in order to showcase one’s talents and abilities to the best that they might win over other participants. They teach us a valuable lesson of always giving our best at everything that we do.


However, as we step out of school and step in to “life”, most people tend to establish their superiority by trying to demean others. We compete not only to excel at a task but to also make someone else feel unqualified or not good enough. Slowly we enter a realm where we do the things we do just to make others feel small or insignificant.


Let me give you a few examples:

  • We start to dress to make ourselves look more sophisticated than others. Sure, some might genuinely like to dress up without any occasion but we all know people who put in a little too much effort into it. Too much sass on the outside but nothing valuable on the inside. Beauty with brains is always appreciated more than beauty without brains (goes for guys too).
  • We only learn to speak “big” words to make ourselves sound smarter. If you’re an avid reader, sure you’re used to words like benevolent and know precisely with whom to use it. Some just use it because they know that the other person does not know that benevolent is a synonym for kind.


“Doing your best

is more important than

being the best.”

Zig Zigler


We waste too much time either comparing ourselves to others or competing with them (without their knowledge that they are our silent archenemies…..shhhhhh). One of the girl’s in my school used to maintain a list of her marks and a list of marks of the girls she felt she had competition with at the back of her school diary. When those girls found out they were pretty surprised and I honestly thought it was stupid. It’s okay to aim for good marks but to keep a track of someone else’s marks…..well use your imagination.


Once in a while someone does a better job than us. Congratulate them and move on. Try harder the next time in a genuine effort to up your skill rather than trying to downsize someone else.


Healthy competition is a good thing. It’s even healthier when the only person you’re competing with is yourself. Be better than who you are today. Mastered a particular skill? Good, now try your hand at something else.


Competitiveness is not a bad trait. To have a desire to be the best at your craft, if done in the right spirit, leads to success and (believe it or not) humility. Life’s too precious to waste time in baseless competitions and in petty ways.


Dress well but do it for you and not for a group of by standers you don’t recognize in the streets. Or go out in pajamas because for you comfort is key. Who cares? Why do we care so much about what others think of us (can be good or bad)?


At the end of the day what really matters is who we are in our own eyes. Work hard today that you may become even better tomorrow. Learn from competition rather than trying to step on them.


Be the best version of yourself today but only for yourself.


Blog by Deepshikha Seymour