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Ethics And Morale

Blog By Sushant Kumar



Ever thought deeply about this motivational sentence-NEVER GIVEUP. It is a ray of hope when conditions are not favorable; when you are down to a level where nothing seems to be working the right way for you there comes in mind this motivational line.


No matter how tough the situation is there will be ways to overcome it. So how to decide the feasibility of never giving up on Ethics & Morale.



“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

-Jack Ma


Life is a long journey of happiness and sadness, teaching and learning, giving and getting, meeting & departing. These all events sums up to what we call experience and maturity.


At times when things are working the way it’s planned we develop a tendency of not accepting even minute changes, but that’s what life holds back for us: surprises which can be pleasant and can be a shocker. So if things are fine we must be thankful if it’s not there is a ray of hope-Never give-up, hard time will pass by.


For Instance a person who is doing well on his/her personal and professional front and as the beauty of life is-The tables are turned on him, situations are adverse and there is no way out. The person is drenched mentally, emotionally & financially.


As it’s said that hope is a good thing so still being hopeful to find a ray of positivity. Days turn into weeks, Weeks into months, months into years and the situation is worsening with every passing moment. The ethical and moral value which has always been one’s priority seems to be losing its value now. The person finding no way out is ready to go to any extent to make ends meet, to oblige the responsibilities.


We understand the importance of holding our values high in the most adverse conditions however it is a personified statement. The situations differs from person to person, maturity & level of experience one holds.


It is easy to say that hard time will pass by, be hopeful but the actual pain the agony is something which only the person going through it can understand.


Philosophically we must not give up under  any circumstances as there are great examples in the history to refer to which makes the base for being positive even stronger, on the contrary in real life situations all a common man wish is to keep his/her loved ones happy in any condition.


So when it comes to fulfilling the basic necessities of loved ones an individual can go to any extent, be it ethical or something immoral, and we could not assess a person without knowing what he/ she is going through.


Ethics and morale comes second to none, however we also cannot neglect the practicality of situations what life throws us in. So be hopeful hold your spirits high and learn with all the bad experiences and enjoy the beautiful journey called LIFE.


Blog By Sushant Kumar