The other side of fear



 The Other Side Of Fear

Blog by Karan Dave



Writing is a cathartic exercise that helps you release all your emotions with utmost rawness without the fear of being judged. Perhaps, that is the reason why writers find best of their friends in pen and paper.To bring out the endless cacophony from your head and putting it down on paper is the mightiest thing a writer can do. I consider myself as a cowardly writer who always fear to express the thoughts due to fear of being judged.


Today, I am plunging into the unknown territory by overcoming that fear. For once, I want to feel like I am no more a cowardly writer.



 “I believe that there is certainly something really, really beautiful on the other side of fear.”



Fear… it is indoctrinated in our head since the childhood. While we were growing up, parents instilled fears like ‘complete the homework or teacher will punish you’, fear of punishment. ‘Do not go out alone’, fear of outside world; ‘Do not play with the children whom you don’t know’, fear of strangers, and plenty of other such fears were fed but we were never taught to be fearless. I don’t know about others, but majority of the people I know have remained under some or the other kind of fear.


I will share with you an incident that I witnessed when holidaying in Srinagar, Kashmir. A toddler was trying to get in to the boat that was parked by the lake. Toddler’s father was standing beside the kid, watching his child taking the leap of faith. But looking at this attempt my mother got a bit panicked. She shouted to toddler’s father “what if the child falls in a lake in an attempt to get into the boat?” The toddler’s father response to my mother was, “What if he doesn’t. I am there to save him if things go wrong. This is Kashmir, we have to teach them to be fearless”. That had hit me in the gut.


Many of us are still trying to overcome fear. Fear of quitting a job we don’t like. Fear of inability to cop-up with life that as no routine. Fear of being judged when we are at a party or any social gatherings. Fear of falling in love because our hearts are too wounded to take any further scars. Fear of failure that one may encounter after venturing into a new business. Fear of parents will disowning you for being a rebel if you choose to live your dreams.


You fear to confess your love to that person. We fear laws, rules, regulations, expectations, and a lot of other things that can be as simple as eating food which we are allergic to since a long time but have not given it a try out of fear of allergic reaction.


It is time to say goodbye to all those fears. Take a step out of your door and do things that you always feared. Answer back to that rude boss of yours when you go to work tomorrow. Do not gulp down your opinion when asked, just speak it out. Take a bold step against the fear and face it like a brave soul.Because that, my friend, will be the most beautiful feeling the world. It is like a free fall transforming into a flight.


Like a black hole that throws you towards the light. Fear is useless if you respond to it. And do not worry if you fail to achieve the end results. Because when you display the courage to head on with fear, you are already passing the examination of life. You have already won by walking through fear.


Destination does not matter, it is the journey through fear that evolves your soul. Overcoming fear is like shedding the old, dead skin of your soul to give birth to a new one. Come on! Take a step! There is a whole new life waiting for you at the other side of fear.


Blog by Karan Dave