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I don’t know why, but unless I am inspired by something, I seem to run out of topics. I am in a writing spree for the last 24 hours. I just finished a 800 words article last week,when I happened to read an article in a weekend supplementary regarding ‘change’.


I felt a strong urge to put forward a few words. The most ridiculous thing is that I am a person who is very much rigid to welcoming any kind of change and yet willing to write about it. I owe my personality traits to my zodiac sign.


I find a large contrast in the ways people react when a change is required in them. Some of them are quick enough to realize the need to change and are much aware of the process how it is to be done. Whereas, there are some others who fail to understand the need by themselves, but would be eager enough when urged by others and then, there are others, largely referred to as fools, who would neither do it themselves nor let others do it for them.


Whatever category they may come under, change persists to be an inevitable part of our life and we are prone to it in majority events of our life. We tend to get things done our way and for our own ends and which is why, we make attempts to change everything around us.



“The only way to make

sense out of change is to

plunge into it,  move with it

and join the dance!”




We may succeed in the process or otherwise, come out changing ourselves completely. But what if we do not entertain the requirements like change in our life? What if we never try to mold ourselves in accordance with the changing times and demands around us? Will people appreciate us if we remain stubborn all the way?


One may hurt himself to a large extent in the process of adjusting themselves and lose something they value a lot: a life which can be called as their own. They may have achieved what they have striven for, but finally end up ruining themselves. So is change a necessary evil? Do we need to follow the herd? No, it is never evil or do we have to follow the herd.


A person trying to change himself or herself does it only to serve one’s own purpose but not for the sole purpose of change. When there is a clear intention in the heart and when we are perfectly sure in every step we take, we are happy to take a decision; to change or not.


That is to say, to do things our way or get them done as demanded. Change may hurt us as we proceed but then we don’t regret it because it is our happy decision. People will understand you anyway when the time comes. All we need to do is listen to our heart.


One should just remember the purpose, the decision, the outcome and embrace the change.  As change is the only constant phenomenon in the universe. People do change – all the times; it may be for good or bad but the change does happen.


We fail to see it since its very gradual and therefore we accustom ourselves, It happens subconsciously. So, is the case with circumstances (at work, at home – everywhere); just embrace the change.


Blog By Sreyashi Kochhar