Value yourself


Value Yourself

Blog By Deepshikha Seymour



To love and to be loved is perhaps the most essential and basic human emotion that we crave.


A newborn child seeks comfort in his mother’s arms, an older sibling protects the younger one from bullies in the neighborhood, young adults wish to have someone in their corner who listens to the burden of their hearts or simply encourages them in their moments of need or be it our grandparents who start their mornings together with a cup of tea. ‘Love’ is the emotion behind it all.


In a world that is bending more and more toward materialism, ‘love’ is limited to fancy dates, expensive gifts and an unnatural over-protectiveness towards the partner. To have someone shower us with presents or pampers us with overprotective care is what’s left of love today. Pretty soon we start to measure our self worth with the amount of attention we get.


Don’t get me wrong, it is good to celebrate togetherness, pay compliments and pamper each other when love is genuine. But most young people tend to lose out when they start to value themselves by the opinion of others. This aspect is not merely limited to relationships but in all spheres in our daily life.


“My classmate said I’m not good looking”, “My boss says I’m a complete klutz. I never do anything right”, “My father says I lack the drive to pursue ambition in my life” and many more such statements soon tend to become our inside voice.



“Your Value Doesn’t

Decrease based on 

someone’s inability 

to see your worth.”




We seek to validate our worth as a person by depending on our acceptance by others. What they have to say about us. If they say we’re the most beautiful person on the planet, we feel loved. We’re on top of the world. But if they disrespect us and make us feel unworthy, we start to believe that’s our identity.


Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. It decreases when you make yourself feel inferior based on others’ remarks. We are all flawed and if someone makes you feel like you’re not good enough for them remember that such people are not good enough for you. Don’t allow people to step on you just because you’re a warm hearted person. The moment they try to make you feel small, cut them off. You don’t need the burden of viciousness in your life. Instead invest in people who, like you have a good heart.


Don’t let others push you around. Most often this can be seen in relationships. Let me tell you something that I’ve learnt; there are guys that are bad and who will hurt you but there are also guys who are good and will protect you (both in friendship and relationship). There are girls who are mean and vicious who will use you and there are also girls who are tender-hearted who will be loyal to you. We as a society always tend to demonize one for the other. That’s frankly very immature.


There is a popular quote by Eleanor Roosevlet that says “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. That girl who said that that you’re not good looking, consider her a dim-wit with half a brain who thinks beauty is limited to physical appearance. Your boss you looks down upon you, work so hard and improve yourself that he’s forced to value you in the organization. Your father who makes you feel like you can’t achieve anything, use this as a fuel to ignite your passion and prove him wrong.


If you sit around waiting on others to make you feel special or important you’ll lose out on your life. Follow your passions, listen to your heart, continue to be the good soul that you are and BELIEVE that in time you will find people who will appreciate you and accept you just as you are. Moreover they will add value to your life and not drain you out. Be comfortable in your skin and learn to love yourself first. If you learn to love and accept yourself, soon you’ll find people who will love and accept you too.



Blog By Deepshikha Seymour