Who said life is free of problems?


Who said problems get solved easily?


In life we face several hurdles. Some of these hurdles come easy on us, some come hard on us. Some hurdles when they go away motivate us and some leave a heavy dent on us. Problems are hurdles of life.


Problems, just like hurdles keep coming at us. If we think that once a problem goes away we will have a hurdle free life, we are wrong. One problem goes another problem comes back.


The reason problems come in our lives are not to push us down but to teach us precious life lessons. Some of these problems are very simple day to day concerns which may seem frustrating when we try to understand them but motivates us when we get a hold of them.


A lot of times when we come across problems, we feel tangled in them and wish to break free of them. We keep trying our best a couple of times to solve the problem on our own but keep getting frustrated as we don’t come to a solution. When we get stuck we either want someone to help us out in making the problem easy or just to give up the problem and walk away.




“The Size of your problem

is nothing compared with your

ability to solve them.

Don’t overestimate

Your problems, and

Underestimate yourself.”




Getting help in solving the problem, does help us get rid of the hurdle temporarily but doesn’t benefit us in the long run when we think the problem would resurface. Also, quitting and walking away from the problem would not only postpone the problem solving but also de-motivate us from being able to solve other problems.


What we need when we come across problems that take time to solve is to:

  • Keep trying diligently.
  • Increasing our effort on every next opportunity.
  • Take a break, as a tired mind would not help us much in resolving the issue in hand.
  • Take advice from people but don’t let them solve the problem for you.


Once the problem is solved we will have a new respect for ourselves. This new respect will help us get motivated whenever the next problem comes.


So, it is all up to us what we need to do with our problems we either fight till we resolve the problem, we seek help or we give up. What is important is that after the problem goes away we should be a level higher than what we were before the problem came to us.


Cheers !!!!!