Loving Yourself






Forgotten how to love yourself?


What made you stop loving yourself?


Often in the extreme struggles of life we keep moving from one life’s purpose to another. We rush through life to experience all the wonders our life can give. We earn more than we spend. We love more than we get.


In our daily hustle and bustle we forget ourselves, we forget who we are and that we ourselves need a lot of love. Suddenly when we look at ourselves, we fail to recognize who we have become.


Despite of daily worries, frequent tiredness and feeling of distance from our inner selves we keep assuring ourselves that “I am not the same anymore, I have responsibilities now” rather than taking it as a sign to start thinking about when did we stop loving ourselves.


We all want to work at our full potential. After all it’s a very competitive world, but should that happen at the cost of ourselves. We give attention and our love to other people and things more than ourselves.


When bullied, teased or criticized about our own self rather than fighting back, we start criticizing and fighting ourselves from within(Read Fighting Criticism). We lower down our self-perception.


We understand all about loving others, caring for others, working hard to achieve our aims. We are very passionate about these things but when it comes to loving yourself all we know is that until we sacrifice our human needs we can’t achieve what we desire. After a substantial time of self-neglect our inner self becomes our own enemy.



“When there is no

enemy within,

the enemies outside

can not hurt you.”



When you start giving other things more importance than yourself or your own well being. As we know things are not forever, once they go first we lose the thing we had given importance to and second we are left with a thin thread of love for ourselves which is also in its depleting form.


Rather than then giving love to ourselves we go into self-depression and then try giving importance to something else again. This keeps repeating and pushes us into hatred for ourselves and it should too as we have never kept ourselves above other things.


If we base our self worth on what external world has to say or criticize, we will never be able to self-love. Our inner critic will be filled with thoughts of “I’m not enough, I don’t have enough, and I don’t do enough.”


It’s still not late for us to start loving ourselves. Below are some ways with which we can start.


  • Keep reminding yourself that you love yourself.
  • Stop being perfect and accept yourself the way you are.
  • Stop being worried about how people think about you.
  • Do something every day that excites you.
  • Create a “Yourself Routine” where you only try to value yourself and enhance yourself.
  • Take out time out of your busy schedule for yourself. Avoid over-crowding yourself with work or manage time better to allocate some for yourself.


Just try giving love and respect to yourself for the next 2 weeks to begin with. Do what you love and then re-evaluate the self-love after 2 weeks.


If this has helped you, it will surely help others so please share.