Problems   Who said life is free of problems?   Who said problems get solved easily?   In life we face several hurdles. Some of these hurdles come easy on us, some come hard on us. Some hurdles when they go away motivate us and some leave a heavy dent on us. Problems are hurdles of life.   Problems, just like hurdles keep coming at us. If we think that once a problem goes away […]

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Un-forgiveness by Deepshikha Seymour   We all go through life experiencing things that hurt or even traumatize us. They are like a scar in our memory. The more we revisit it, the more we don’t allow ourselves to heal and the deeper the wound becomes, the greater the scar it’ll leave.   Betrayed in friendship, cheated on in a relationship, backstabbed by the one you trusted most or simply never been understood by one’s family. […]

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Loving Yourself


LOVING YOURSELF       Forgotten how to love yourself?   What made you stop loving yourself?   Often in the extreme struggles of life we keep moving from one life’s purpose to another. We rush through life to experience all the wonders our life can give. We earn more than we spend. We love more than we get.   In our daily hustle and bustle we forget ourselves, we forget who we are and […]

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