TIMEZONES     Do you get frustrated seeing how others are flourishing while you have not even started?   How everything people do becomes successful whereas success never comes for you in the first go?   Comparing  yourself with others makes you feel worse?   In our life, we come across people who […]

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    PATIENCE     Unable to sit idle for 5 minutes?   Unable to read a book due to your impatience?   Unable to complete 1 assignment properly and keep hoping to jump to the next assignment?   We are an impatient breed of humans. I think anyone and everyone up till the age […]

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    ATTENTION     Unable to give your attention to 1 work at a time?   Things around you keep stealing your attention away?   Even a spinning fan becomes more interesting than the task in hand?   Constantly losing attention and frequently fighting to get it back has become our hobby. After trying […]

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