What are your thoughts on this matter?


I suddenly had a thought. I forgot what I was thinking about.


I never gave it a thought. I made a mistake, I should have thought clearly.


I have thought clearly and I am ready to take action.


Our thoughts are the sparks that occur inside our mind. Our thoughts bring forward different ideas, reasonings, doubts and sometimes our worst fears.


Our thoughts provide us with great ideas about what we should do to enhance ourselves when we are at our motivated best. Our thoughts help in showing us how we want our future to unfold, what we should wear, what we should buy, how we can improve our skills etc.


Sometimes our thoughts bring forward the greatest doubts about our own capabilities, our relations, our families and our friends. Thoughts also provoke reasonings which solidify our belief about why we are doing something or why we shouldn’t do something. They also instill our worst  fears in our mind.


Our thoughts are very pure and keeping them that way is our major responsibility. We need to avoid people from polluting them. Thoughts are very volatile. Just like dreams which we forget when we wake up.


Are thoughts always volatile?


We somehow happen to lose all the motivated, inspired and passionate thoughts too quickly but keep holding on to the thoughts which contains a mix of our doubts and fears. We subdue all our positive thoughts. We never provide them a strong platform.



“All Actions

Results from


So it is thoughts

That matter”

-Sai Baba




All thoughts positive or negative should be given equal attention. Actually, positive more than negative as problems would continue to come in your life. Positive thoughts today provide a backbone to what we will become tomorrow. They will structure our future in the way we think.


Giving heed to only negative thoughts will only build you like an average person. You will become more reactive to problems rather than becoming proactive in fighting problems before they seed fear or doubt in you. We will start relinquishing positive thoughts as we find them unviable.


Our thoughts are the most important possession that we have. We should preserve them. All positive and constructive thoughts should be written down and saved in a place where we can revisit them anytime. All things that we desire or we learnt through constant lessons of life should be written down.


Any thought that we get, be it about how your mind brought you to some conclusion, some wisdom related thoughts, self-teachings, motivations, passions, desire etc start writing them down or saving for later. They will help you someday if not today but do not dispose any thought.


If you are unhappy about something, the faster you write it somewhere the faster you will forget the unhappiness. No need to build a grocery list on your mind, write them down otherwise just because of Onions and tomatoes you will forget all the enlightening thoughts your mind could’ve delivered.