Dont Wait








Why do we continuously wait for things to happen?


Why do we hold ourselves due to uncertain things?


We all love to work hard and achieve good results in life. We put in a lot of effort in the tasks we perform every day. We avoid a lot of things too while working diligently to achieve. Then why do we wait to publish our work?


People even after working very hard on projects keep waiting for things to happen perfectly to be able to come out with it. They spend a huge part of their lives working on the same things just to make it perfect. Some achieve perfection but most still are left shy of perfection.


Life is very uncertain. We never know how and when circumstances change. We never know if we get another opportunity or not. We only this that it would be painful to lose out on projects for which you worked hard due to these uncertain circumstances.


Then why do we still wait for things to become perfect?


There are very few things in this world which have been directly created as perfect and we can’t understand what better can be made out of it. Although, there are a lot of things in the world which have been created once they were good and updated each year to make them better. There are also few things which once launched are called perfect but the very next year they become outdated.


So, again why wait for perfection when even perfection is temporary?




“Nothing would ever be done at all,

If everyone waited,

Until they could do it so well

That no one could find

Fault with it.



Would anyone do anything if they kept waiting for it to be perfect. Theories ,hypothesis everything evolved from scratch. We then kept contradicting the old theories and built new.


No need to wait to do things perfectly. You can always start with average. Climb up to a good level and be excellent at what you are doing. This will cause evolution of your skills and your expectation from yourself.


When life is so uncertain and we don’t know if we will stay healthy or even alive it’s better to take action on the tasks you have completed and present them forward. Once you have presented your task even though it’s not perfect but to keep on adding improvements to it to move towards perfection would be excellent.


Adding improvements to your project/Task even though they would be small would give you happiness in big packages.


So Don’t Wait Take Action Soon!!!!!