Flipkart Back to College Sale



Flipkart has started with it’s Back To College Laptop Sale. Flipkart is offering huge discounts on the prices of the laptops.



I guess this is the cheapest day out of all of the 365 days to buy Laptops. Flipkart is not only selling discounted College Laptops but also has a huge range of :

  • Budget laptops starting from Rs 9999/-  In this category you can find out alot of Budget- College laptops with their range starting from Rs 9999/- . With this rate they are cheaper than even mobile phones.


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In this category you will find a bit stronger laptops around the range of Rs 23990/- . Some of the laptops have Ram of 4GB in this category with Inbuilt Windows 10, 1 TB HDD and 15.6inch display. What more can we ask for .


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These laptops are starting from the range of Rs 23990/-


These are the foldable laptops which add to your convenience. You can fold them as you want and can help you in watching Movies/your favourite shows. Some of these laptops come in TOuchscreen models aswell.


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If you are a gamer you would know. It’s better to go for better configuration than for cheap configuration and let your device heat up. With best cool-pads, ALienware, ROG models find out the best in class laptops for your gaming needs.


ALso EXCHANGE is available on Gaming laptops with Exchange offers upto Rs 20000/-


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Also, Available are

  • Intel Core i5 Laptops – Range Starting from Rs 39990/-   CLick here
  • Intel Celeron or Pentium Powered laptops starting from Rs 14990 – Click here
  • Thin and Light Premium Laptops Starting from Rs 15000/- Click here


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