Extraordinary situations







Eagerly waiting for the best time to complete a task?


Uncertainty about extraordinary situations makes you lose out on normal situations?


Ever wondered why we only wait for extraordinary circumstances?


Often we are stuck in situations where our heart wants to grab hold of the situation right away but our mind makes us hold on.  We are always trapped in a dilemma of doing the task now or waiting for extraordinary situations.


We constantly weigh both situations. Normal situations are our day to day situations. The situations that come daily seem very dull for us to do what is in our heart or is it something else?


Extraordinary situations can be anything like your birthday, Christmas, Diwali, Eid, New year’s day or any other big event. For big announcements or purchasing something big it’s fair to wait for these situations but for the things that could’ve been done easily in normal situations it seems implausible.


We sometimes wait for extraordinary circumstances because that is the best way to convince ourselves that we are not procrastinating even when we are doing that. Whatever good an extraordinary situation would bring would seem equal to the good a normal day could’ve done, maybe lesser.


In waiting for these extraordinary situations we do more harm to ourselves. First we procrastinate, second we start feeling that normal days are useless and thirdly if the task was related to staying fit, even though we were conscious we still spent most of the year waiting for the new year’s day.


There are people too who don’t wait for these extraordinary situations and make use of the ordinary situations only. The People whom we call “LUCKY” are not actually lucky people. They are the people who don’t wait for extraordinary situations and grab the opportunity whenever it presents itself. We think that these “LUCKY” people grabbed opportunity when it was best for them but honestly these lucky people treated both opportunities similarly to exceed.


What we need to do is to complete the task regardless of which situation it comes in. Once we start completing normal tasks in normal situations we will be able to complete extraordinary tasks in extraordinary situations.