work hard







“Work Hard and Party Hard” they said.


How did our parents come to this premise?


Everything that we see and feel nowadays has evolved from what our parents used to see in their youth. A lot of things have developed by trial and error methods. Never wondered how this trial and error would come to such a premise that Work hard needs a Party hard and Vice versa.


All Party No Work: Some of us party hard endlessly with no hard work involved at all. The meaning of joy after seeing your hard work blossom is lost as we don’t know how hard work is done. If circumstances push us to work in future all we would be able to do then is procrastinate and let the party started again.


Hard Work And No Party: Some work hard endlessly and there is no party for them. They work days, nights, weeks and months to no ends and continue this till the end of their lives. Showing work related diligence is good but after sometime of avoiding partying or celebrating work success they start receding. Their social circles start decreasing and suddenly they are working alone even without their work partners.




“If you don’t enjoy today,

you won’t be able to relate your success to anything

and hence won’t find any motivation for success.

 Too much enjoyment without working hard has opposite effects too.”



No Work And No Party:  This is the stage when you are missing the fire inside yourself. In this stage you need to inspire yourself to do things, to start hoping to exceed in other things. To do something to earn some self-pride.


Start by taking small steps for a couple of weeks but do give at least 1-2 hours daily in the work of your choice. After 2 weeks once you are in a rhythm of work, all you would require is a 1 day relaxation to ease out and then start again. Also Read, Keep the Fire Ignited.



Work Hard And Party: Finally we come to the last premise of “Work hard and party hard”. These people are the happiest and the most gratified group of humans. They understand how work is important and how a good break with party is important.


They know the meaning of hard work and when they do that they know It’s always best to be fully immersed. Set time in which you will work hard. Set time in which there will only be a party and no working.


In which category you want to lie is all up to you. Truth of life is that life is very uncertain. A lot of party and if somehow the circumstances of life change, having no work or no habit of working hard would be painful. A lot of work and at the end of life profound guilt that you could never see the wonders of the world.


Choose wisely. Cheers!!!!!