Do you get frustrated seeing how others are flourishing while you have not even started?


How everything people do becomes successful whereas success never comes for you in the first go?


Comparing  yourself with others makes you feel worse?


In our life, we come across people who get successful each time they try something new. It seems as if these people have been given a Shortcut to Success book when they are born to know and understand the tricks of trait whenever they step in. How adroitly they speak to others, how they always know how to dress, how even after taking no stress at all they go through problems with ease.


We constantly pressurize ourselves to grow. Looking at others do well motivates us to do more always. It also de-motivates us when we thin “Why not me” or when we try and fail doing the same.


A lot of the times we get frustrated seeing how others have flourished while we have not even started. Although this frustration drives competition within us, is it worth it?



At young ages we start watching other people and wonder when our time would come. In our middle ages, watching other people zoom past us in terms of success, we stop wondering what we used to earlier but start getting frustrated. We start inviting negative thoughts and feelings inside us. Our bond with our inner self becomes untenable. No need to subdue ourselves in such a way.



Everyone has their own TIMEZONE, some get the ability to fight their inside fears and take risks early and some start challenging themselves late. Some mature early and some take time. Some die young and others live long.


We all have different abilities which develop with time some faster than others. To say that all humans have same abilities would be a lie.



What we should do rather than frustrating ourselves or getting jealous of how others are progressing is to look inside ourselves. Understanding how much we can do. Build ourselves around that level to start with.


When you start that’s the start of your timezone. Looking back and thinking how your peers are now 5 years ahead of you won’t help. Everyone is in a different timezone of their own. Some succeed early, someblossom later but everyone finds success.


Work diligently with profound persevere for a few months and see how you are different from the person who used to get negative seeing others progress.


The new you would always be positive and one day set examples for others.