Unable to sit idle for 5 minutes?


Unable to read a book due to your impatience?


Unable to complete 1 assignment properly and keep hoping to jump to the next assignment?


We are an impatient breed of humans. I think anyone and everyone up till the age of 60 is very impatient. Sitting idle for us is like a disease that we run hurriedly from.


When stuck in patience testing situations some play games, some watch movies, listen to music and some call their friends even though they have nothing to talk about.


Are mobile phones the reason why we have become so impatient?


When you hope that if you switch on the TV everyone would keep their phones aside and relax no one actually does. Router/Wi-Fi switching off is always one idea but then our personalities are so fidgety that alongside watching TV we will start doing something else then.


Mobile phones have brought the entire world in our hands. Not to think of this world and sit idle is near to impossible.


Is there no patience left in us now?


I think and I say for my generation that we can’t sit idle. I have noticed the same in my parents too hence I assume their generation has transformed too.


We cant sit idle. When was the last time you kept your phone aside. Switched off the laptop, the TV and just sat and looked at the watch, at the wall or at any stationary thing which doesn’t project anything towards u.


Leaving everything and sitting idle builds an ultimate sense of friction inside us. A bit of ickiness and we start feeling like the aboriginal tribal people.


Even when we do sit idle, I think 5 minutes nowadays seems so much. If we are forced to be patient and quit fidgeting around, we might even spark a fight to get out of that phase quickly.


Technology has made our lives fast paced. Where it should have made communication between 2 points fast, travelling fast it has instead made our thinking fast decreasing our intellectual abilities.


Without the intellectual part of thinking the thinking left is just crap. We think and we say, we think and we promise and commit, no analysis at all, no double thoughts. And to say how our parents used to have double thoughts when they were young. We have become risk takers.


Take it or leave it. Say it or forget it. Is our moto now as we dont want to spend time bargaining.


What we need is to have that slice of patience back. Suddenly 16 hours of patience cant be expected from you. Start from 5 minutes/ day.


People promote their religions by saying chanting their god’s name would help. I am not promoting any religion here or demotivating u from practicing any as well. Buddhism preaches chanting “Nam myo ho renge kyo”, Muslims offer Namaaz, Hindus chant “Om”, Christians have “Mass” on Sundays.


Its just teaching us how to meditate and know ourselves. Its the best medicine needed today. Whatever u say while you meditate even if u dont say anything. Just starting with the 5 minutes of yourself would put u on a relaxing path.


Making u patient is not the idea. Making u easily adapt to patience in patient situations is necessary.