Unable to give your attention to 1 work at a time?


Things around you keep stealing your attention away?


Even a spinning fan becomes more interesting than the task in hand?


Constantly losing attention and frequently fighting to get it back has become our hobby. After trying a couple of times to keep our attention strong, we just leave the task alone. We move on. Once we move on to the other task which kept stealing out attention we find out that even this task doesn’t hold our attention and we give up.


We are over stimulated and our attention span has become very low. We have a constant urge to do too much too quickly. With all this we have lost the habit of slowing down and enjoying 1 task at a time. Some of this can be blamed on Procrastination and the rest on having high expectations of ourselves and planning more for less time.


We keep juggling between tasks and in the end either we quit both tasks or we compromise on the quality. This attention span of small babies that we possess in adulthood won’t help us in adroitly completing our tasks. We need to focus on the start and the finish of each task.


Focusing on the start and finish of each task also has its own challenges because of our being impatient. It won’t let us complete the task skillfully or with complete understanding.




“Rule your mind or it will rule you.”

                         Horace, first-century B.C. Roman poet




The challenge lies in teaching ourselves to become more patient towards the task that we are planning to do. Leave everything that you plan to do after the task. Just focus on the current one. Think of dramatically throwing all the other tasks to the other side of the room and then telling yourself that the task in your hand is the only task you need to do.


How susceptible are you to your attention wandering?


“Every time you switch your attention from one subject to another, you incur the Cognitive Switching Penalty. Your brain spends time and energy thrashing, loading and reloading contexts.


Neurologically, multitasking is impossible. You are not really doing two things, you’re switching your attention from one thing to the other. Productive multitasking is a myth.


To avoid unproductive switching, it’s best to group similar tasks together. That way your brain needs to load the context into working memory only once. You’ll get more done with less effort.”



“The Personal MBA” – Josh Kaufman



Incase you work on your computer and throwing the work to the other side of the room is not a solution, quit opening multiple tabs on the browser, quit opening multiple files/folders. Don’t pressurize yourself by opening so many things on the computer, affective work done would suffer. Open 1 file or 1 browser tab get the work done and move on the other. Give the work you on some time and proper attention.


Good luck in boosting your attention. Cheers!!!!!