Passionate   What would be the task you would love to do day and night, weekday or weekend?   Which task would you love to do if you were not getting paid?   Which task satisfies you the most?   Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm that we get when we are doing […]

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Reliance JIO


  Reliance Jio   A product of the Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, the Jio Sim is nowadays one of the best service provider of 4G services in India. The Jio Sim was launched in the last 2 years and blew all its competitors out of the picture in terms of affordable 4G services and unlimited […]

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  THOUGHTS     What are your thoughts on this matter?   I suddenly had a thought. I forgot what I was thinking about.   I never gave it a thought. I made a mistake, I should have thought clearly.   I have thought clearly and I am ready to take action.   Our thoughts […]

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Dont Wait


    DON’T WAIT       Why do we continuously wait for things to happen?   Why do we hold ourselves due to uncertain things?   We all love to work hard and achieve good results in life. We put in a lot of effort in the tasks we perform every day. We avoid […]

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OPium Valley

Opium Valley

  Opium Valley         Opium Valley is one of the brightest and the sharpest growing Start-Ups I have noticed recently. Without any investors stocking them with cash it’s amazing to see how with just sheer hard work the Organisation has grown in the last 6-8 Months.   Opium Valley is an […]

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Flipkart Back to College Sale


BACK TO COLLEGE LAPTOP SALE   Flipkart has started with it’s Back To College Laptop Sale. Flipkart is offering huge discounts on the prices of the laptops.     I guess this is the cheapest day out of all of the 365 days to buy Laptops. Flipkart is not only selling discounted College Laptops but […]

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Extraordinary situations


    EXTRAORDINARY SITUATIONS     Eagerly waiting for the best time to complete a task?   Uncertainty about extraordinary situations makes you lose out on normal situations?   Ever wondered why we only wait for extraordinary circumstances?   Often we are stuck in situations where our heart wants to grab hold of the situation […]

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work hard


  WORK HARD       “Work Hard and Party Hard” they said.   How did our parents come to this premise?   Everything that we see and feel nowadays has evolved from what our parents used to see in their youth. A lot of things have developed by trial and error methods. Never wondered […]

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MYNTRA- The Blockbuster Sale

  MYNTRA- The Blockbuster Sale   Guys!!! The Myntra Blockbuster sale is back and it has started. For all the Ecommerce enthusiasts and Online shoppers. Hope you make the most of it in the next 2 days. The sale ends on 16th July 2017.       What are you waiting for ?? Stock up!!!

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