first chance






Missed your first chance and since then unable to crack the opportunities?


Does it take more effort second time round?


Every other attempt becomes exponentially more difficult?


We are in a very competitive world. In this world we can’t do less and we can’t do nothing. Because everyone has got something or the other to do, completing any task in the first chance we get is very important.


We keep challenging ourselves and we keep attempting new things.  We do one thing today, and then we move on and try to achieve something else. We don’t even eat at the same place twice.


Everything that we do has a time window. Once that time window closes, it opens for a different task. The valid time for the task we wanted to do once ceases doesn’t come back again. We just borrow time from a different task.


So then why do we remain stuck at the same opportunity for a long time and let ourselves fail or miss it?


Do everything at the right time. If that opportunity is lost it might not turn up in the same form. The opportunity will ask more of us. More time, more energy. It won’t be the same as the 1st time. We will also be taking time out of 2nd task and applying into the 1st one which we didn’t complete at the right time.


Everyone has to do the same amount of hard work in their lives. If we don’t capitalize on it today, we will keep getting plenty of opportunities. As we keep missing opportunities after the first chance, the same work will seem difficult to us when we try again in future as our energy would be depleted and our mind would be diverted into several other tasks.


Procrastination (Read Here) or not preparing properly doesn’t help as once we are asked to repeat the task again, either it will interfere with the task whose window you are on or demotivate us because of the poor first attempt we made.


So when we all indulge in several tasks and we are always aspiring for more, why do we patiently not complete the task in the first chance?


Any opportunity you get to complete a task, either it being a meeting , a house work, an exam or a presentation that you need to submit if delayed by us, won’t happen as we had dreamed.


Imagine postponing your meeting everyday to the last day of the week and also being stuck with other work. During the entire meeting the push from inside to finish the meeting and complete other work would remain.


Even if the time window set by us if to have a leisure break, enjoy the break and stop thinking of work because if you don’t enjoy your leisure time you would want this leisure time to be back while you are doing other tasks.


We should always ensure that every chance we get to do any task, we forget all tasks post and pre of it. We need to be completely engrossed in that work, totally dug deep in it and only aim to finish it.


The accomplishment would drive us with a lot of motivation to be able to achieve more in life and would set a rhythm within us to complete everything timely.