Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing important tasks.


Procrastination happens when the thing that needs urgent attention but is less pleasurable is done after a more pleasurably less important task.


In simple words procrastination is an action which starts with understanding or being told that some work is important to continuously delaying it to a later date or time.


Some excuses that we make to ourselves are listed below:


“I will start the gym after the new year”



“I don’t need to do it right now.”



“I don’t think it is important.”



Procrastination is practiced not only for work which is not of our choice but also for work which we are not aware of and we don’t know how to start. We feel reluctant to start up with these type of tasks as we don’t know how much of our time and attention would get taken away. We then throw these tasks in our ever growing To-Do lists.


We all have tasks on our lists which have been there on the list for months now. Chances of completing these tasks in the next 1 month are also bleak. So, why worry if they are safe on our list and causing no problems to our today?


The presence of tasks on our never ending lists can never give us freedom or satisfaction. Even though we might be busy in some other pleasurable tasks, we still feel incomplete and dissatisfied.


Once the list becomes humungous because of the procrastinated tasks we start getting impatient. We start feeling as if we need to quickly finish off with the pleasurable task we stay busy with and start working on our list. While trying to finish the previous task Stress creeps in.


In that stressful situation we end up completing the procrastinated task but the quality of the work done is never similar or better than the work done patiently.


Soon we lower our self esteem and stop dreaming knowing that if we dream, the dream would only go into our Procrastination To-Do list. Procrastination in large part reflects our perennial struggle with self-control.


Procrastination is a major reason why we keep losing time, miss opportunities and sometimes miss our goals completely.



“Procrastination, running circles in my head
While you sit there contemplating,
You wound up left for dead (left for dead)
Life is what happens while you’re busy making your excuses
Another day, another casualty
And that won’t Happen to me”


                                    -Simple Plan- When I’m Gone



Overcoming procrastination is very tough. So if life. Because we are always in a struggle with ourselves to continue growing and challenging ourselves we need to take strict steps to avoid procrastination.


Things that work for me always is :

  1. Knowing which task makes me procrastinate on other tasks i.e. the most Pleasurable task.
  2. Understanding tasks on the basis of Urgency.
  3. Now anytime I feel that an urgent work has come up and I might place it below the pleasurable task, I do the urgent work first.


Urgent Task’s Priority    >  Pleasurable Task’s Priority


Hence ensure pleasurable tasks are kept as Deserts which need to be consumed in the end. Urgent tasks need to be treated as the starters and the main course so that most of your time and energy goes on it.


Hope you all do well in life. Cheers!!!!!