What is immaturity?


Why am I called an immature person even though I am old now?


What do I do to become a mature person?


Maturity is the ability to respond to the environment around us in an appropriate manner. Maturity usually is defined as the ability to be forever grateful, forgiving and full of emotional stability despite of the circumstances. Immaturity is the complete opposite of it.


Immaturity means lacking wisdom, thoughtfulness and emotions for other . Immaturity is when we act frantic and irrational always.


Let’s start off with an example. “Suppose that you are a 30 year old male. Each day before leaving for office you play with your child.  After you come back from office you again sit and play with your child.”


You switch yourself to your immature side when you play with your child and once you leave for office you once again switch yourself to a mature person. A similar switch requires to happen when you come back from office and hence you switch yourself from your Mature side to your Immature side. Maturity is when a person is able to switch his nature between Maturity and immaturity easily depending upon the situations.


Immaturity is when we deal with all situations similarly and end up making mistakes. There is also no age of gaining maturity. A 40 year old can be immature and a 20 year can be mature too. Maturity is generally learned and is not instinctive hence it depends on our environment aswell.



“Immaturity is the incapacity to use one’s intelligence without the guidance of another”

-Immanuel Kant



Maturity is when you stop putting your Ego as a reaction to anyone’s suggestions. If you are still immature and wish to become mature you need to understand the situation before you react. Chances are that you might be right in an argument but if you do not put your conviction in a proper manner, listen to the other and then correct them you will still be called an Immature person.


Note – I will suggest that we all have a mix of maturity and immaturity always as all situations do not require immaculate thinking and planning .Some situations require us to react in frivolous , impulsive and unpredictable way e.g. Playing with kids, Cliff jumping, rafting, dancing, singing etc do not require maturity. Do the task that keeps you in balance after a high voltage maturity show at workplace too.


Cheers !!