Leaving the Past




Leaving the Past




Haven’t been able to adjust yourself in the present because of your past?


Do you spend majority of your day lamenting about the past?


Leaving the past and moving ahead is certainly a difficult task. It is tougher for those who have suffered through difficult circumstances during the past but it still doesn’t mean that we cling on to our past.


Some people keep hold of past and draw a constant source of learning from it to help them in present dealings. Rest of the people are being held by the past.  Past traps these people inside itself.


People enjoy the control past has on them. They don’t wish to relinquish the control as they think all is lost and nothing good can come from them. Sometimes the past can help them in giving reasons for their continuous failures in the present. “ I am like this because of my past.”


Lets see how far in the past can u think. You failed during work you kept blaming your college . You failed in college you kept blaming your school . You failed in school you kept blaming your childhood but did you think that you kept failing because you didn’t stop thinking about past , blaming and relenting yourself ? How much longer would you like to continue this ?


Past needs to only be a lesson. It should not hold your attention too much and shouldn’t let you regret too much in the present. Value the turn life has taken to give you TODAY. Even though it’s good or bad, do good to yourself to shape your future yourself.




“When past was tense we allowed our future to become tenser”





Something bad occurred with you in the past, how will cope with it in the present.  We don’t even think about the present and it’s all spent in thinking how future will turn out. But in all honesty, after treating your present in this way, there is a greater chance than that your prediction of a screwed future will be true.


If you are unable to cope with the sudden requirements of the present, try taking small steps , keep yourself distracted and whatever work reminds you of your past steer away from it. Avoid reading books as that can make your mind wander. Try watching movies as that steers your mind itself.


Talk to your loved ones, it’s OK to sound needy for once. If asking for love and care is difficult for you remind yourself that once you are fine you will do the same if your loved ones feels sad and get them out of the misery of past.