Do you keep overthinking about the future?


Have you already planned about what you are going to say or do in the future?


We think a lot about the future. We love planning things in advance, actually years before we can call it advance. We make complex plans of trips we want to take in the future, we even plan the clothes we will wear during the trip.


Along with making plans for the future, we dream. We dream about things relating to us and about things which do not relate to us as well like the things that we are passionate about. I’m sure a lot of us might’ve given a “Thank You” speech on receiving a prize on your mind , thought of yourself as a sports person playing a live game , or on a fashion show doing a ramp walk , may be comparing on a live TV show. It’s normal to dream.


What’s disturbing is how much planning we do for the future. Lets discuss about two scenarios which will shed light on how much we think.


1st Case : On Friday before leaving work you have a huge argument with your boss about the weekly reports. You spend your weekend sulking . You think about numerous things you will tell your boss. You think if the argument goes out of hand you will leave office and apply somewhere else.You keep repeating the same to yourself again and again. On Monday, the moment you step in, your boss greets you and before you can say anything he tells you he is sorry and that he got confused with a different report .


2nd Case:  Lets suppose you join a fitness club. During the first week the instructor introduces all the fitness equipments to you and tells you your routine. Everyday while sitting at home you keep thinking of what equipments you will use first , then what would be the sequence of the other equipments and what you will do the next day . Although when you go to the fitness club after working on your first equipment you comeback home .


In Both these cases we let ourselves to think a lot . We planned excessively and needlessly tire our mind.  In the 1st case we kept thinking of ways to challenge your boss and spoiled your weekend . In the 2nd case we while at home kept thinking about the fitness club so much that when we were actually there our mind felt tired .


We do this often . There are several instances where we think a lot of what needs to be done in the future and when the hour of reckoning arrives we tinker away as our mind is tired. During this time our body which is completely fresh gets frustrated and oddly shaped.


Things that tire our mind unnecessarily need to be written down on a diary or a sticky note so that the same thoughts do not run again and again through our mind. We need to make our mind relaxed only then we can expect the most from ourselves.  Even at the best fitness level if we do not let our mind be free and keep ourselves distracted we won’t be able to achieve what we desire.


So, lets relax and keep our minds fresh . Write down things of high importance , delete all the other unnecessary thoughts and see if it helps you .


Cheers .