In earlier ages, our worlds used to be intertwined . Everyone used to sit together , talk together and eat together . Any good fortune or mishap befalling on 1 person used to affect all the people around him/her .


Everything we did had repercussions , ripple effect on others . As everyone in those ages depended on other’s attention for their self esteem, there was no question of ignoring then.


In 2017 , with advancements in technology , and people finding the mobile applications more interesting than human interaction we have entered into a generation where everyone minds their own world.


We find the satisfaction we used to gain with human interaction in technology hence distance ourselves from others. Everyone now has something to do of their own .


More so requesting for someone’s attention has also become formal as we cannot predict what the person whose attention we are requesting might be doing.


In this fight for attention we often come across situations where we feel people are ignoring us.


Everyone nowadays is busy in his/her own world and like to only stay in touch with people who are helping them in their journey. We talk to people only if our selfish interest lies in talking to them , else we ignore them.




 “Don’t feel bad if I ignore you , someone ignores me too.”





We should not feel bad if we are being ignored by others . If we are being ignored it just means that we do not lie in their selfish interests . There are several instances when we too subconsciously ignore people . We do not remember these instances as they were not of our selfish interest.


Imagine everyone has a bubble surrounding them  . This bubble has a door for people to come in and go out . Also, the bubble can only accommodate a few people . Who would you let inside your bubble ?


We let only those people inside our bubble who we think are necessary for our survival , rest all we ignore, leave behind and walk ahead. This bubble is also called the Attention Bubble , which we have nowadays made into a very private space in comparison to older ages.


Letting everyone inside our bubble is not possible and similar can’t be expected from others too.


So, anytime you find that you are not getting due attention and you are being ignored , rather than taking it personally and lowering your esteem find someone else will give you more attention .