Fighting Criticism




Fighting Criticism




Do people corner you in workplace?


Have you ever felt that whatever you say or do gets used against you ?


Are people too critical about you ?


Does people’s critical attitude towards you hamper your performance?


Criticism is the act of being judgemental towards someone or something. Criticism can be negative or positive. Negative criticism is usually intented to pull you down and includes sarcasm, discrimination, and unrelated flaw-finding . Positive Criticism is always constructive and provides us with feedbacks of how to enhance ourselves and our productivity.


Also, positive criticism becomes negative criticism for us if:
• It was not asked for.
• If it is too frequent.
• If it is coming from a person who we think is low in status or rank than us.
• If it is from a person of different culture or language we don’t understand.

• If it involves discrimination.


In this blog we will talk about the negative part of criticism only.


A lot of us have a constant fight with criticism around us . In family and within friends criticism starts with fault finding like wear your clothes properly , eat properly , study properly etc but once it starts to come too often we start feeling cornered every now and then. These positive criticisms become negative soon and we start feeling as if whatever we do we will be criticized .


In our workplace , we often come across people who are very critical of us despite of our good performances. We notice that these people try to find our flaws which are unrelated to work as well and try using them against us.


People usually are too critical of us in our presence and to top that they make others our detractors in our absence too. Their main aim is to push us down . Having people in our surrounding suddenly turn on us makes us feel as if we have been pushed into a corner and there is no way to go .


Due to this criticism , even when we enjoy our work we plan on parting ways from our work as we are unable to take it anymore.


In all honesty, these types of people are present everywhere who focus on others rather than their own work. We rather than quitting should just keep one thing in our mind :





“Low minded people talk about each other,

Medium minded people talk about latest news

and high minded talk about work.”





Excuse the low minded people while working . Think and promise yourself that “ I Don’t owe anything to them . I work for myself . “


We should be glad that our presence and our hard working nature causes someone displeasure . We certainly raise the bar higher . Unable to fit and meet that bar others try to pull us down to be able to suddenly meet the expectations themselves.


Keep working hard and do not give up !!!