Break the barriers

Break the barriers





In “Give me Freedom” Blog we discussed how to get out of the deadlock of some rules which have made us their prisoners for a long time and no longer apply to us . We discussed how most of these rules were just stereotypes which one realised only after breaking them.


In this blog we will discuss about what barriers are and why breaking them is important.


First let us understand what are Barriers . Barriers are anything that stop us or slow us down from reaching our destiny  .  A barrier can be a family member , a friend , a teacher , a religious sentiment , your mind & your body or even a rule.


Unlike doors (refer to Closed Doors)  which stop us and guide us to a different path , hence reshaping our journey , the barriers provide obstacles in our chosen path to success .


Barriers are the heavy baggages which we carry with ourselves and hence causes us delay to reach our destiny.


When it comes to people related barriers , it is best suggested to have an open conversation with your family member , your friend or your teacher . Discuss what you want to achieve with them. Sometimes our inability to convince others causes us to feel heavy . If you have convinced yourself about your destiny ( which is the toughest) , convincing others would just be a piece of cake. Once you open yourself amongst these people ,their love and motivation will double up your strength to move ahead.


Every religion has their own set of rules which makes it distinct from others . Religions are separated due to their food preferences , clothing preferences , their languages and their beliefs . We sometimes are unable to relate ourselves moving to a foreign land and being able to settle there because of the fear of not being able to find the food we eat etc. Honestly , at this day and age there is no land which doesn’t have a mix of different cultures . So feel free and let go of this Barrier.


Past baggage barriers are the barriers due to our past which keep a hold of us . It can be a failure in an exam , a failure in a relationship or any other past setback . These are the heaviest as sometimes people are traumatized because of things that happened to them and lose faith . These barriers need to be left alone in order to move ahead and shape a good future .


Mind and body barriers are the barriers caused by the ineffectiveness of the mind and the body when required . Mind  becomes a barrier due to excessive thinking and body due to no fitness. Keep them up to the mark and you will see yourself jumping over all hurdles of life.


Things to keep in mind to break the barriers :

  • Think about the positives and not dwell on the negatives.
  • Do not over think about situations.
  • Keep a smile on your face always.
  • Motivate yourself daily .
  • If taking big steps to cross the barrier is tough , take small steps but keep yourself moving.


Hope you remove all barriers from your life. Good Luck !


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