Give me Freedom

Give me freedom


Give me Freedom






Never slept late ?


Never ate on the roadside?


We are born into a world with a lot of rules and restrictions. These rules and restrictions either come from our ancestors or our parents create it to safeguard us further .


It is fine till safeguarding  but several rules seem like restrictions to places or things that we wish to explore. What we hate the most is cross questioning these rules , as when we do cross question the answer is “Rule is a Rule”  or  “Do as has been told”.


Some rules are just stereotypes .  These stereotypes are created as we start relating someone to something.  So if I wish to sleep late , I will be asked not to as the neighborhood boy due to sleeping late started facing problems with Nocturnal sleep and slept only through the day. “Do not eat roadside food” is another stereotype which gets downloaded into children from their parents.


Honestly it is just a matter of 1 night of sleeping late and 1 bite of roadside food which can help us break these stereotypes and give us our freedom.


Just to draw a line , here we are not discussing about LAW but the Rules which we have set for ourselves or our parents have set for us . There are several of these rules given to you in life . Out of these rules , there are rules which we are happy with and rules which we think are unnecessary .






The unnecessary rules are the ones which hold are freedom the most and are the first ones we wish to free ourselves from . We feel like getting out of these rules either since we have outgrown them or because we are curious to try them out.


Honestly, till it doesn’t hurt your religious sentiments I feel one should be free to make his/her own rules . For everyone rules should be different. People with sensitive stomachs shouldn’t eat on the roadside whereas the rest of the people can enjoy the same.  Some due to less sleep during night start having headaches , eye strains or change in biological cycle whereas some even though they do not catch up with any nocturnal sleep at all are fit throughout the day and their biological cycle doesn’t change.


We need to understand where we lie . If by breaking the rules we do not harm ourselves , enjoy rule breaking .