Closed Doors

Closed Doors


Closed Doors



Have you ever encountered a closed door ?


Are you working towards achieving your dream?


Did you encounter a closed door while working towards achieving your dream?


Our first step is always to chose our beginning step. To know where we need to go and what we need to achieve. Understanding of our aim is the primal rule. Once we have made our choice our journey begins.


No Journey is easy .  All journeys are taxing and hence give people opportunities to talk about once they have achieved theirs. One example of a journey read by several  is “The Alchemist”- Paulo Coelho where a young Santiago ,who turns himself from a priest to a shepherd ,heads out on the quest to find treasure.  The outcome was  that he achieved what he desired ,but was it easy?


What is a Door ? Door (/s)  are the objects from what which we can create a partitions so that only people who are supposed to enter , get in  and people who are not supposed to enter, are stopped. Hence a place which can either let us in or keep us out . Hence a Closed Door Symbolizes the places which do not let us in and keep us out.


Closed Doors are the metaphoric Dead Ends. So what do we do with these Closed Doors? Should we knock  politely or bang aggressively for them to open? Should we beg for the door to open?


The Answer is to move ahead . These closed doors are just there to guide us to our correct path and to tell  us that our destiny doesn’t lie within the confinement of that door.


Closed Doors can be anything from a Subject that you do not understand ,  an exam you kept failing , an interview you couldn’t crack . Think of it as a guard stopping you from entering a BAR since you are underage. It is not your place. Just walk ahead.


In The Alchemist , Santiago continuously lands to such Closed doors . With his Dream in his head and song on his lips he keeps walking towards finding the treasure.


Whenever you encounter such a Closed Door, think that ” Atleast I now know that my destiny doesn’t lie in here. So rather than knocking, banging or begging in front of the door I’ll move on to the next in search of my Opportunity. ”


In the end, follow the Omens and you surely will be at your Destination soon.


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