April Fool’s Day

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April Fool’s Day



What is April Fool’s Day ?


April Fool’s Day is the day when people prank their friends and family through practical jokes or Hoax news .  April Fool’s Day is celebrated on 1st of April .


Who are the April Fools ?


April Fools are the victims on whom practical jokes take place. They are the people who receive the hoax news to shock them. Usually the people guilty of making these jokes announce and scream “APRIL FOOL”  to the person on whom the prank was made .


Why is April Fool’s Day celebrated?


There are several stories about how  1st April came to be celebrated as the April Fool’s day. Although widespread explanation of the April fool’s day is considered to be the change in the calendar from Julian to Gregorian one . In the year 1582, Pope Gregory XIII with the aid of Jesuit Priest/Astronomer Christopher Clavius commissioned the new calendar.


Catholic countries of Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Italy complied. However, a large number of people all across Europe continued with the Julian calendar. As a result, those who adopted the new calendar started referring to the ones who refused to change as ‘fools’, thereby marking the beginning of a tradition that we would go on to observe in the coming centuries.


How is April Fool’s Day celebrated ?


April Fool’s day is celebrated by people  trying to prank others by playing tricks eg. Tying a fake currency bill with a string so that whenever a person bent down to fetch it the trickster would pull the string further and further and in the end shout APRIL FOOL to brand the person.


Another example of tricking is having fake rubber lizards and throwing them on people to frighten them hence to pull off them later to show they were April Fools.


April fool’s day is also a day on which people summon and send others on Foolish errands which do not exist. This day also entails Hoax News , where in TV , News or Internet there is a widespread of fake news. These hoax news are then cleared on 2nd April by the organizations to  be fake.


To Summarize it is the day on which one can prank with no guilt attached.


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