What is more frustrating than doing a less interesting job ?  The answer is ” No inspiration in your dream job


Several times in our lives we  fight with ourselves to be finally able to attain our dream job. We are very happy and satisfied. Time flies by quickly.  Due to our work related happiness we let things surrounding us also taste the happiness .There is an atmosphere of positivity


We with this happy routine , suddenly wish to do more and quickly . We start consuming the work so much in one go and so quickly that we then notice that even though we love doing this job, suddenly we feel pressurized and tensed.


Let me give you an example. Suppose your dream job is photography , you leave your IT job and start freelancing Photography . A week passes, you are content with what you are doing . Suddenly you think of increasing your horizon and you open a Photostudio . Now just in 2 weeks , you start feeling the pressure of Photography + Customers + hiring staff+  Rent (of the studio) . When you enter in the 3rd week you wish to have a long break and go away from all this. In the 4th week you become reluctant to comeback to your passion and feel maybe you are good for nothing. This our metaphorical DeadEnd.


Maybe we move too fast when we receive motivation to do what we desire , but we need to keep up with ourselves   .


Why should we do something we love quickly ?


Do we eat the food we love in 1 bite? No , we consume it bite by bite and let every bite of that food give us pleasure. When we start getting bored of the food we love we try to tweak it a bit in a fashion such that we start liking it more.


So, Whatever work you desire to do , keep doing it . Avoid making  changes to it while you are enjoying working on it. The moment you feel you are getting bored of it or interest is disappearing , make adjustments to suit your interests.


Trick is to know when to do more and when to do less .