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Shine Bright Like The Sun



Do you have big dreams?


Unable to find the way?


Do you want some magic tips from me to achieve it ?


I will definitely share the magic tricks with you but the condition is that when the time is right you will share it with others who are stuck and also wanting to achieve their dreams.


First, try and understand why the Sun is so bright . The Sun is always bright because of its consistency. Since the day it was born till today , The Sun has been up and working . Would The Sun still be bright if it was a bit inconsistent? No , because The Sun  shines due to the heat it has acquired and the reactions within it. One day off for The Sun will make itself difficult for it to generate the same heat and hence the same shine.


When we are trying to walk on a path towards our dream we need to ensure we too bring about consistency in us. Consistency helps us have a good grip of our dream


“To be consistently successful, One needs to be          successfully consistent .”

                                                – Anonymous



If our dream inspires us inconsistently , it maybe because is not our dream but someone else’s dream that has inspired us. This fire will only be there for a short time and divert you from your real dream. Try and understand if you want to learn photography because it’s your dream or because it is your friend’s dream and you like how passionate he is when clicking photos.


Once you have realized your own dream . Small Steps to ensure consistency will help . Make getting closer to your dream a habit . Put it in your daily routine .  DO NOT MISS it . Also, planning to miss it one day and thinking you will double the effort the next day won’t help .  After a month of consistency practice please share how close you came to your dream . I am sure you will be as bright as The Sun.