Motivational side of Caring

Motivational Side of Caring


The Motivational side of Caring



Caring means displaying kindness and concern for others. Caring is the act of always being on the lookout for what can cause others pain and removing that threat before they can get hurt.


Caring is a human feeling that gets generated in us for everyone who are around us. It gets automatically developed in everyone even if we show it or not. Some might even try avoiding this vulnerable side of theirs.


The reason why we show care is to ensure well being of the people around us . It is sometimes also done to ensure the others can think of our well being when the time is right.


Caring for someone is of different types . Selfless Care is the care where we do not expect anything from the other person but you still do out of empathy or love.  Selfish Care is the care where we expect someone to care  for us too in return for our empathy and love


When we are young  we get all types of care from our parents .We are treated as the most fragile things on the planet and our every step in any direction gives an alarm to our parents. They do it selflessly without expecting anything from us .


Soon enough comes Selfish caring when we are in between friends. Doing things for other with expectation that someone will do it back for us if and when we require. We might not be selfish during caring for them but when we require care we will definitely try to cash on the time we did the same for them.


Care ranges from having an eagle eye on your child to avoid anything happening to him/her, to being with your loved ones when they are sick , to feed someone unknown when they need it the most.


Sometimes care comes up when we notice that the person in front of us is unable to care for himself/herself eg your child, a sick family member or your pet etc ,  but most of the times it there because even though the person is capable to take care of himself/herself they avoid doing that.


I have also had times where I lived carefree and my parents thought I need to be cared. Infact during our growing stages we all live carefree . We want to enjoy world as is without worry whatsoever.


At young age, children have just come out of a tough regime of care , they just want to run here and there, go out for drinks and  avoid sleep to watch their favorite TV shows .


Does Care like older times work Now ? No it doesn’t . I think this is the time when after being cared for such a long time, they mentally are prepared and know what can go wrong but they still avoid it for the rush of adrenaline . Even the smartest person would try at least once what his/her parents said is forbidden.


This is the time to show the motivational side of caring. People when living carefree do end up making several mistakes. Even when they know that their parents said NO for trying. They end up doing that and they do make mistakes because they want to live and experience these 1st hand . Do they then go and apologize and promise they won’t repeat ? No they don’t. They live with the guilt .What do they want at this time?


During this time , they need someone with them who can talk anything except that. Tell them how beautiful they are .Tell them how precious they are to you. Tell them that it is ok to try these once . Be honest and tell them what was the worst mistake you did in your life.


Nurture their inside self. Let them come out more confidently . Look after them but from a distance. Whenever you feel they are down recharge them with your comforting words about how beautiful they are how precious they are. Do this for a few days. Keep repeating how much you love them , how handsome / Pretty they look , how they are your Prince/Princess . After a few days you will witness magic.


You will see that your Prince/Princess is now with a new found motivation and respect for themselves started caring for themselves in a way you used to when they were under your supervision.