Keep The Fire Ignited

Keep The Fire Ignited


Keep The Fire Ignited



How many times in your school, college or your workplace do you feel that your zeal to work has just disappeared?


New ideas have stopped coming .


Suddenly you have starting feeling out of place. Have you started phasing out?


Have you suddenly lost interest in one of your habits?


For all these things, please park your blame on the fire that has doused inside you and hurry before it is too late to quickly re-ignite it.


We usually enjoy things which continuously inspire us. For a workplace that inspires us we will have a never ending zeal , a huge reservoir of ideas of how to improve it further and we will always find ourselves in the center of the office world.


Fireย  or Inspiration is what is required for us to keep on going always. The key is to either keep the Fire or Inspiration maintained inside you or when you feel that the fire is being extinguished you quickly try to keep it ignited by using outside sources.


We will continue our hobbies till we find inspiration . Inspiration may be in the form of a movie which we watched , or good results in what we are doing.


Let’s assume you are a fitness enthusiast . You will continue to seek fitness till you are inspired from inside . When you fail to get inspired from inside (or when there is no fire left in you) you watch movies , watch Youtube videos , read articles and you talk to other friends to know how they stay fit to get the Fire re-ignited in you.


Another example, Let’s say you are 30 years today. You go out and hang out with your work friends. Work has been going wonderfully well as you’ve had a never ending support of your friends to thrive in the workplace. At that restaurant there is a guitarist playing beautiful music numbers on his guitar. You suddenly have a spark in yourself and you just want to return home, clean your guitar, change its strings and start playing it as you used to. This is an example of external Inspiration.


So let’s start ensuring that we do not fade away. Either Keep the fire lit inside you or when you think thatโ€™s no longer possible, get it done externally because till the fire is there we will continue creating magic.