How to stop time from running

How to Stop Time from Running





Wow! That one hour passed so quickly . I really hope time slows down and I can enjoy this moment more.


Ohh No!! Im stuck here. Sitting Idle and no work to do. It seems as if time has stopped.Hope it could run faster.


We are always in such situations with time. We have no control over time. How time passes by is difficult to swallow. When we are unhappy, we want life to become a bit fast forwarded and the difficult time to wind past us.


When we are happy we start realizing that from the beginning I have had such a relationship with time that it should pass quickly and wind past us.


This realization does help us in relishing time as much as we can but in ourselves and in time we have set the habit that “TIME SHALL PASS SWIFTLY” .


Time when asked to slow down during our happy times says ” I don’t know happy time/sad time is . I know there is only me, TIME . It is not for me to become slow or pass slowly it is for you to cherish each moment good or bad , happy or sad, start living each moment, feel the pain and don’t fast forward time. In time you will find comfort and certainly when you are happy you would’ve realize by then that its not time, it’s you. ”