Fire In Your Soul






How many times do we end up doing something which we don’t desire, which doesn’t interest , inspire , motivate and satisfy us? I would say it happens several times. Fire In your soul is the energy coming from inside which drives you to achieve.


We continuously run away from such tasks in life . We hop from one task to the other just in search of that one small Interest to spark inside you. Sometimes interests are easy to be found and sometimes it can take an entire life cycle to be found.


A lot of us spend our entire lives without understanding our interests and deplete ourselves in the Rat Race called life. It doesn’t mean that, that person didn’t come across his interest in life. It simply means although the things that would’ve interested him/her walked past in his/her life cycle , the person failed to understand it and give heed to it.


Our interests depend on what our mind is thinking and what our body is feeling . When our mind is rejecting any good thoughts and keep surfacing negative thoughts in that stage we keep our mind closed to any new Interests as we are too worried about the ones that are already with us. Our body also similarly rejects any new interests on the account of it being too sore and worn out of the previous interests. Sometimes both the Mind and the Body are involved in rejecting the new tasks. Mind takes the new task as a stress , which then further makes your body lack the required boost to function and then we end up again not doing what we like.


Procrastination are also causes of Mental and body rejections of tasks. Although we understand that the tasks that we are going to do is of our liking and we have always desired to do it, we still due to mental and body shortcomings keep postponing the tasks . Honestly these tasks are never accomplished by us till the time we find ourselves.


Most of the reasons of Mind rejections is due to some stuck tasks which have been taking forever to complete or those where in we have chosen such a slow life that when excitement, interests come knocking on the door we keep the door shut of the worry if this is the right thing. Slow lives would be our regular lives with waking up, going to work, returning home and then going to sleep. These are the ones in which even watching TV, playing a game on your phone is stressful for you.


Body rejections come mostly due to us not keeping our body ready. Suppose you wanted to go to an adventure park and do all the thrilling rides and you kept postponing it . The day you started having interests regarding these adventure parks you were a strong 25 year old. Due to your continuous habits of postponing tasks you like you were transformed into an Obese 35 years old . The Task of going for adventure rides then changed from a thrill ride to an impossible ride for us. We need to make sure that as our body is the carrier of our soul we need to maintain it properly so that anytime such things come in life we do not reject them and our body is always ready.


Achieving your interests depends hugely on the Acceptance of the fact that it’s now or never. A stuck task in hand will always continue to be stuck till we focus on other things too and live life to the fullest . As they say ” A watched pot never boils “ .


Tangled relationships will never get untangled if you keep such a close eye or hold your breath till they untangle. Divert your mind and do something interesting and be rest assured that when you will look at your tangled relationship/stuck task they will seem easier for you or maybe would’ve become easy to ignore. At least during the time we were watching the Pot boil we accomplish so many things that now start giving us happiness.


We require huge amounts of courage usually to leave something which is already settled although less interesting for something that is interesting but yet not settled .We need that long sightedness to know that even the thing we desire and which interests us can also become settled in our life as the old one it is just the fact that some patience is required for it too.


When we were to achieve the formed “Less interesting task” we never compared it to any other task and we quickly hopped on it. Now that we are going to select our “Interesting Task” we should refrain ourselves from considering the fruits it will bear. Just put your heart in it and enjoy your life.


Wishing everyone a very good fortune in whatever you wish to venture in life.